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Eloise de León is a healing arts practitioner based in New York City. Her services help clients become grounded and balanced in life and feel better overall. Clients are guided in how to move through challenges for greater ease in life. Every session serves to reduce stress and connect the client with their higher self and heart's inner wisdom. Eloise offers: 

Life Coaching
Inner Journey
Rose Healing
Long Distance Energy Healing
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Clients may be seen in Manhattan or in Brooklyn or even by phone or Skype for long distance sessions.​ Eloise's services complement conventional medical and therapeutic care; it is not meant to serve as a substitute for it. Referrals from health care providers are welcomed. 

Call (646) 696-4610 to schedule an appointment or send an email to:  eloise@wildrosereiki.com

Hours of Service
Monday: 4pm - 8pm EDT 
Tuesday: 4pm - 8pm EDT
Wednesday: 4pm - 8pm EDT
Thursday: 4pm - 8pm EDT
Friday: 4pm - 7pm EDT
Saturday: 2pm - 6pm EDT

Clients' Comments

​"Eloise is truly an amazing healer. Her kindness, warmth, calm, and patience lead to wonderfully tailored care. Eloise's treatment allowed me to gain a tremendous and lasting sense of peace through Reiki and grounding exercises. She intuitively knew what I needed, and even provided me with exercises to do on my own. I recommend Eloise so highly!" B.C.

"My first session of Reiki with Eloise was absolutely transformative. Eloise helped me to ground myself and begin a healing process physically and emotionally and to cope better with stress. For the first time in a year, I was able to physically do yoga after numerous injuries that kept me practically bedridden until my session with Eloise. I can't thank her enough!" - Helen S.

Eloise de Leon's wild rose reiki
Your well-being radiates from you, benefitting your family, friends and others in your path.
"Eloise is a very talented healer, and my treatment with her was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Not only is she a gifted and intuitive Reiki practitioner, but is also particularly talented in using guides and imagery to facilitate a powerful healing treatment. Her work helped me to let go of attachments in my life that were no longer needed, putting me in a better position to heal deeper spiritual issues. I would recommend her to anyone." 
- Michael K.

​​"Your work is so majestic. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a peaceful, empowering session."-A.D.