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Awaken to your divinity.

Some years ago I apprenticed with an elderly indigenous healer who had a profound impact on my life. Every time someone would thank her for her healing work, she would exclaim, "Thanks to God. God is the one who  heals!" I loved her humility, grace and truth and I shape my work according to her loving ways. Once, someone looked at me and asked my teacher, "What kind of a healer is she?" My teacher answered forcefully, "Faith! She works from her faith." The resonance of her words rippled throughout my body. I was happy to be understood, for no matter what kind of healing modality one uses, the key is faith in the body's ability to heal and faith in a higher power.

I offer Reiki and Rose Healings and coaching sessions. This work is my passion in life and I'm so happy to offer it to you.

I also offer 45 minute healing sessions on a donation basis, on Tuesdays and Fridays,  in Brooklyn (Bushwick) or by Skype/phone

Please call or email me for your appointment.
(646) 696-4610​ | eloise@wildrosereiki.com

In love and peace,

~  Eloise De Leon

​​"Your work is so majestic. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a peaceful, empowering session."-A.D.

​"Eloise is truly an amazing healer. Her kindness, warmth, calm, and patience lead to wonderfully tailored care. Eloise's treatment allowed me to gain a tremendous and lasting sense of peace through Reiki and grounding exercises. She intuitively knew what I needed, and even provided me with exercises to do on my own. I recommend Eloise so highly!" B.C.