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One morning I awoke to the sound of a phrase that echoed in my head:  Everything is a miracle! I felt the truth of those words resonating deep in my heart. I never forgot the impact of that 'wake-up call' and to this day, whenever things go awry, it only takes a moment to realize the truth and feeling of those words and see it all around me. My work as an alternative healing practitioner is to assist you in seeing and experiencing the beauty and miracle of you and your life.

My services include Reiki,  Life Coaching, and Spiritual Healing sessions. This work is my passion in life and I'm so happy to offer it to you. 

Many blessings to you,

Eloise De Leon

Notes from clients:
​​"Your work is so majestic. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a peaceful, empowering session."-A.D.

​"Eloise is truly an amazing healer. Her kindness, warmth, calm, and patience lead to wonderfully tailored care. Eloise's treatment allowed me to gain a tremendous and lasting sense of peace through Reiki and grounding exercises. She intuitively knew what I needed, and even provided me with exercises to do on my own. I recommend Eloise so highly!" B.C.

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