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My name is Eloise De Leon and I am a healing arts practitioner. My services help you become grounded and balanced in life and feel better overall. I show you how to move through challenges with strength and greater ease. And in every session I offer, you will reduce stress and connect with your higher self and heart's wisdom. I offer the following types of sessions:  

Roses & MariEl Healing
Inner Journey
Long Distance Healing
Life Coaching

My services complement medical care and I welcome referrals from physicians and other health care workers! Have fun looking over my website. I look forward to hearing from you.

Eloise De Leon

Hours - Call for appointment 
Monday:       4pm - 7pm EST 
Tuesday:       4pm - 7pm EST
Wednesday:  4pm - 7pm EST
Thursday:     4pm - 7pm EST
Friday:          4pm - 9pm EST
Saturday:      4pm - 9pm EST

Location: Tigerlily Holistic in Brooklyn, NY

Call (646) 696-4610 to schedule an appointment or send an email to:  eloise@wildrosereiki.com

Eloise de Leon's wild rose reiki
Your well-being radiates from you, benefitting your family, friends and others in your path.
Client Comments

"Eloise is a very talented healer, and my treatment with her was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Not only is she a gifted and intuitive Reiki practitioner, but is also particularly talented in using guides and imagery to facilitate a powerful healing treatment. Her work helped me to let go of attachments in my life that were no longer needed, putting me in a better position to heal deeper spiritual issues. I would recommend her to anyone." 
- Michael K.

​​"Your work is so majestic. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a peaceful, empowering session."-A.D.