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Something to ponder...

Do you ever want to yell out, "Stop the world, I want to get off!" or "Beam me up, Scotty!"?

Do you feel out of place or out of sync, even when you try your best to fit in?

Do you feel like you are holding back vital parts of yourself?

Do you ever wish you could be normal but simultaneously shudder at the thought?

Are you intuitive but afraid to explore it further?

Do you want friends but work like a loner?

Do you wish you could accept and like yourself more?

Do you value the concept of family but wish you could trade in the one you have?

Well then, the door to my healing space is open! 
You are perfect and perfectly welcome.

You can begin with a Reiki healing session to bring you into mind-body-spirit alignment and raise your awareness of your important and much needed presence in this world. Or you might explore your life's journey through Intuitive Guidance sessions. This will move you from the green path that's based on shoulds to the red path of the heart—your heart.

There are other services, too, all of which are gentle and powerful. You may choose from two office locations, one in Brooklyn's dynamic arts community of Bushwick, or in Manhattan's Financial District. For people that live outside the area, Intuitive Guidance is also offered by phone or Skype. 

Call (646) 696-4610 to schedule your appointment with practitioner, Eloise De Leon, or send an email to:  eloise@wildrosereiki.com

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"Eloise is a very talented healer, and my treatment with her was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Not only is she a gifted and intuitive Reiki practitioner, but is also particularly talented in using guides and imagery to facilitate a powerful healing treatment. Her work helped me to let go of attachments in my life that were no longer needed, putting me in a better position to heal deeper spiritual issues. I would recommend her to anyone.- Michael K.

​​"Your work is so majestic. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a peaceful, empowering session."-A.D.

​"Eloise is truly an amazing healer. Her kindness, warmth, calm, and patience lead to wonderfully tailored care. Eloise's treatment allowed me to gain a tremendous and lasting sense of peace through Reiki and grounding exercises. She intuitively knew what I needed, and even provided me with exercises to do on my own. I recommend Eloise so highly!" B.C.

Eloise de Leon's wild rose reiki